Myamba Farm

The Trilogy Deposit is located on the 1,200 Ha Myamba Farm. The private ownership of this property is critical to the ultimate development of Trilogy as under the WA Mining Act, private landowners have power of veto over surface access rights. Myamba was purchased by Homestake in 1998 following the discovery of Trilogy to provide full autonomy with respect to future land use. ACH now holds both the freehold and mineral rights over Trilogy. The property is currently leased to a local pastoralist who operates a modern canola and wheat farm. The freehold also includes a farm house and extensive outbuildings and water tanks whilst it also plays hosts to the ACH Exploration Office and Core Farm.

Ravensthorpe Camp

ACH owns the fully equipped 88 room Ravensthorpe Camp, built in 1998 to service the RAV8 nickel mine. It has been retained as a potential camp to service the RGP and is currently sub leased to accommodate the workforce from Galaxy’s Mt Cattlin lithium mine, to the immediate north of the town. The camp is located on the outskirts of Ravensthorpe and comprises 40 ensuite rooms and 48 shared ensuite rooms along with a central mess and recreation facilities which ACH intends to upgrade and re-commission in the near future.